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Actor, Adult education lecturer, Advertising copywriter, Advice worker, Agricultural engineer, Air cabin crew, Animal laboratory technician, Animal technologist, Applications developer, Archaeologist, Arts administrator, Banker, Barrister, Bookseller, Brewing engineer, Broadcast presenter, Building surveyor, Call centre manager, Camera technician, Ceramics designer, Charity fundraiser, Chemical development engineer, Choreographer, Civil air traffic controller, Civil Service fast streamer, Commodity broker, Community arts worker, Conference centre manager, Conservator, museum/gallery, Consumer products marketing executive, Consumer rights advice worker, Contracting civil engineer, Countryside manager, Court reporter, Customer service engineer, Dealer , Designer, embroidery, Designer, fashion clothing, Diagnostic radiographer, Dietitian, Disc jockey, District nurse, Doctor, community health, Drilling engineer, Early years teacher, Ecologist, Editor, film/video.

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Editorial assistant, Education inspector, Education welfare officer , Energy manager, Engineer, agricultural, Engineer, brewing, Engineer, maintenance, Engineer, manufacturing systems, Engineering geologist, Ergonomist, Estimator, construction, Facilities manager, Fashion predictor, Fast food restaurant manager, Field trials officer, Film/video editor, Firefighter, Fitness centre manager, General practice doctor, Geophysicist - see Geoscientist, Health education/promotion officer, Health promotion specialist, Higher education careers adviser, Homelessness officer, Hydrologist, Illustrator, Illustrator, medical , Immunologist, Industrial microbiologist, Industrial/product designer, Information assistant, Journalist, broadcasting, Journalist, magazine, Landscape architect, Landscape gardener, Learning mentor, Licensed conveyancer, Manufacturing systems engineer, Materials engineer, Media buyer, Mental health worker, Metalwork/silversmith designer, Microbiologist, Middle school teacher , Museum/gallery conservator, Nature warden/ranger, Occupational psychologist, Occupational therapy assistant, Operational Armed Forces officer, Operations geologist, Optometrist, Outdoor pursuits manager.

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Paediatric nurse, Patent agent, Pension scheme manager, Personnel officer, Pharmacologist, Photographer, commercial, Play therapist, Podiatrist, Political party agent, Political research assistant, Press photographer, Press sub-editor, Print production planner, Probation officer, Production manager, Programmer, multimedia, Psychologist, educational, Psychotherapist, child, Public analyst, Public house manager, Public relations officer, Quarry manager, Radio producer, Recreation assistant, Recruitment and selection manager, Research psychologist, Research scientist, agriculture, Reservoir engineer, Retail pharmacist, Scientific journalist, Secretary, bilingual, Securities sales person, Site engineer, Social work assistant, Social worker, day care setting, Specialist translator, literary, Speech and language therapy assistant, Sportsperson, Structural engineer, Subsea engineer, Surveyor, building, Surveyor, marine, Systems analyst, Systems support person, Technical Armed forces officer, Technical sales engineer, Television floor manager, Television production assistant, Textile designer, Theatre stage manager, Tour guide/courier, Trade mark attorney, Trading standards officer, Travel consultant, Waste disposal officer, Wines and spirits retailer, Youth hostel manager, Zookeeper.